What the heck is degrowth?!

Degrowth is the voluntary downscaling of production and consumption to increase human well-being and enhance ecological conditions and equity on the planet. Whether you've read this definition a hundred times, or this is the first time and you think: “What's behind this? I want to know more”, you are most welcome to join us for a convivial meet-up on Tuesday 17th of September from 7 - 9 pm at NieuwLand (Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93, Amsterdam).

Who are we? We're a bunch of young people teaming up with the new Dutch Degrowth network Ontgroei, to get together and get to know more people who are interested in or working on making degrowth futures possible! We want to give space for people to meet, informally discuss, learn and dream about Degrowth. How could degrowth work in the Dutch context? And what are Degrowth minded people doing in the coming year to spread these questions, proposals and practices? We're prepping some games at the beginning to get to know each other. More information will follow soon. For updates, check our Facebook event.